PermaTone Inc.

PermaTone is a worldwide leader in decorative finishes. Acrylic Venetian plasters, old world mottled finishes, Travertine effects, glazed knockdowns, ceramized aggregate finishes, and the unique “Craquelatto”, make up the PermaTone Walltexture Design line of decorative interior finish coatings. From luxury hotels and five star resorts to boardrooms, schools and family rooms, PermaTone finishes enhance interior wall designs all over the world.

Worldwide leader in decorative finishes

30 years experience

Pioneered the development of acrylic resin technology

All our environmentally friendly products

PermaTone has pioneered the development of acrylic resin technology in textured interior coatings. Through its R&D, PermaTone has created an ever growing collection of water based, acrylic finishes offering excellent performance characteristics. PermaTone finishes are fully formulated, integral color, and applied directly from the pail, thereby eliminating errors related to jobsite product mixing. The performance enhancements of this resin technology include improved crack resistance, greater flexibility, and the ideal hardness/flexibility balance to maximize durability and cleanability.

PermaTone finishes are vapor permeable and highly resistant to mold and mildew growth.

With very few exceptions, PermaTone finishes are available in an infinite number of custom colors.

PermaTone finishes are applied by trained applicators. A wide variety of textures and appearances can be achieved through numerous application techniques. We invite you to contact us and allow us to introduce our unique, elegant, and comprehensive line of textures and color options from The PermaTone Walltexture Design Collection.

PermaTone’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. All products for the United States market are 100% manufactured at the Houston plant.