PermaTone Finish Provides Unique Look for Ted's New Restaurants

When Ted Turner and George McKerrow, CEO of Ted's Montana Grill, first conceived of the new Buffalo or Bison meat restaurants they are introducing around the country, they knew instinctively that the buildings themselves would have to project a unique and high-quality image to conform to the boldness and uniqueness of their menu offering.

Capitalizing on the many health benefits inherent in Buffalo meat, including low fat, low cholesterol and great taste, Ted's Montana Grills are attracting an upscale, savvy dining patron who appreciate the alternative red meat and unique menu. The interior design of the Grills is a blend of soft recessed lighting, rich mahogany millwork, wide panel hardwood floors and a unique QuartzSilco finish with a Rustic Stone texture from PermaTone.

"We were looking for a texture on the walls that would create a unique, almost antique look but nothing that would overpower the other interior elements," explained Jay George of TVS Architects, Interiors of Atlanta, Georgia.
"The QuartzSilco finish hit the mark for us."

QuartzSilco from PermaTone is a water-based, acrylic modified textured finish that is ideally suited for the restaurant market. It is integrally colored with a soft and subtle texture. QuartzSilco is an extremely durable, low maintenance finish and is an excellent selection for high traffic areas. This is extremely useful as QuartzSilco is seen throughout the hallways and dining areas in the restaurants. This rich looking finish cleans up simply with a damp cloth and Formula 409, adding significantly to the overall value of the product.

During construction of the first of 60 planned stores technical representatives from PermaTone were on hand to work with the crews from Burris Contracting and to make sure the materials were applied correctly.

"Once we saw the application in process we were able to move forward quickly and easily," said Eric Burris, owner of Burris Contracting.

The finish specified at Ted’s Montana Grill was QuartzSilco with the Rustic Stone texture. It is applied with a hopper gun and then knocked down with a blade to close the open areas. As the finish begins to take up it is troweled down to smooth and soften the texture. No sealer or after-coat is needed with QuartzSilco.

"We are very satisfied with the finishes we have used from PermaTone and we continue to use them in our stores," offered George McKerrow, CEO of the restaurant chain.


The PermaTone QuartzSilco finish adds luster to the finely appointed interiors of the Ted’s Montana Grill restaurant setting.
Project Snapshot
Ted's Montana Grill
Columbus, Ohio
TVS Interiors, Atlanta Georgia
Burris Contracting, Charlotte, NC
Circle Supply, Charlotte, NC
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