PermaTone Walltexture Designs spark your imagination and give you the tools to realize your vision.

PermaTone Walltexture Designs are seamless, vapor permeable and mildew resistant. Select from the soft elegance of Venetian Plasters to the resistance and durability of the traditioinal QuartzSilco. Where do you start? Simply choose the design you want from the distinctive selections shown here and use it as is, without embellishment or customizing. Or if you wish, explore further. Our staff can assist you in superimposing various colors and glazes and experimenting with texture, contrast, depth and gloss.

How do you achieve a unique look? First, after selecting a PermaTone finish, use substrate conditioners to prepare the surface. These conditioners include:

Pintufondo: A pigmented acrylic primer that seals the substrate and assures proper bonding of the PermaTone Walltexture Design.
Sottofondo: A clear acrylic bonding primer for use over adhesion-resistant substrates such as ceramic tile, glazed brick, or non-ferrous metal surfaces.
CorevMix: A very finely ground acrylic filler base for use under PermaTone Palladio and Marmolino finishes.
Refer to the Application Guide and individual product datasheets for specific information on the use of primers and finishes.



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