Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair

PermaTone finishes are designed for low maintenance and resistance to dirt pick-up and airborne pollutants. However, depending on proximity to traffic and the air quality in the vicinity of the finish, some maintenance may be useful.

General Cleaning - QuartzSilco is a durable, low maintenance finish. It incorporates specialty resins and mineral pigments to form a tight matrix that resists stain absorption and allows for cleaning. General scheduled maintenance and cleaning can be accomplished with a mixture of a mild detergent such as TSP (available in paint and hardware stores) and a cotton cloth or a soft bristle brush. Always remove excess detergent using a damp cotton cloth or cotton mop. Durability increases with the percentage of the surface covered by QuartzSilco. Therefore, for example, textures such as Liscio and Rustic Stone are significantly more durable and cleanable without noticeable effect than Fino and Light Damascus. Please note that deep, rich colors require a much higher pigment loading than is standard. Deep colored QuartzSilco finishes exhibit less hardness, even after the 30-day full cure time. Further, these colors will exhibit greater softening and loss of color with cleaning. Finally, these samples show scratches more readily and prominently than those in lighter colors. In sum, these deep colors are not recommended for high-traffic areas where the incidence of abrasion or the need for cleaning is expected to be high. In certain applications, the use of a surface sealer, such as VitroSeal, is appropriate to improve hardness, “cleanability” and scratch resistance. However, such a sealer will alter the appearance of the coating, and may not be appropriate, as related to perm rating and mildew resistance.

Spot Cleaning or Staining: Most dirt and food stains will be water soluble, so use a damp cotton cloth and water to scrub the stain lightly. If ineffective, mix a mild detergent such as TSP with water and scrub with a cotton cloth. For tougher stains, ammonia based products such as Windex or Formula 409 may be used with a damp cotton cloth or soft bristle brush. Always rinse the area with clean water after using these cleaners, as they contain dyes that may stain the finish.. QuartzSilco is an integrally colored finish, so that any abrasion resulting from cleaning generally results in minor changes in appearance, once the cleaned area has dried. Food stains that are not water-soluble, makeup, shoe polish, or grease can be removed using ordinary rubbing alcohol and by scrubbing very lightly with a damp cotton cloth. Take care not to over-scrub in such cases, as the alcohol has the effect of temporarily softening the surface. For more difficult stains, consult your PermaTone representative for assistance.

Repair - If the drywall is damaged, consult your local PermaTone distributor for a professional PermaTone installer/contractor for proper repair/replacement of the wallboard. Should the affected area be small and fairly inconspicuous and should you choose to effect drywall and finish repairs on your own, the drywall should be replaced and the finish applied such that the finished patch is in the same plane as the surrounding existing wall.

Avoid - Abrasive and acid based cleaners and other rough cleaning materials such as abrasive pads. Avoid intensive scrubbing.

For questions on specific cleaning problems contact PermaTone at 1-832/243-0787

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