PermaTone finishes are designed for low maintenance and will resist pick up of dirt, stains and airborne pollutants. However depending on location, proximity to traffic and the quality of air around the finish some maintenance may be useful.

General Cleaning - Castello is a premium translucent glaze used to accent PermaTone finishes or used alone for decorative faux finishes. As such, most abrasive cleaners and vigorous scrubbing may damage their appearance. For general cleaning we recommend a soft wet cloth. When used alone over interior drywall gentle rubbing with Formula 409 or similar cleaner should remove most accumulated pollutants. QuartzSilco and QuartzMural are very durable low maintenance finishes. They utilize specialty resins and mineral pigments to form a tight matrix that resists most stain absorption and allows for easy cleaning. General scheduled maintenance and cleaning can be accomplished with a mixture of clean water and a mild detergent such as TSP and a cotton cloth or soft bristle brush. Always remove excess detergent using a damp cloth or cotton mop.

Spot Cleaning or Staining: - Occasional spills such as coffee, juice, dirty water, may be cleaned using the methods described above. Water staining may be removed with mild rubbing action with a soft cloth to blend with original texture and appearance.

Repair - In the event of minor abrasions, knocks or nicks in the wall that have damaged the finish, use a rag, sponge, crumpled paper or soft cloth to brush some of the original finish into the scratched area to fill in color and texture.

If the drywall is damaged contact your local PermaTone distributor for proper repair/replacement of the wallboard and affected PermaTone finish. Follow instructions on PermaTone's application bulletin.

Avoid - Abrasive, acidic and alcohol based cleansers; harsh scrubbing, rough cleaning materials, i.e. sponges, abrasive pads, etc.,

For questions on specific cleaning problems contact PermaTone at 1/-832/243-0787.
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